My 1980 VW Scirocco

I originally bought this as a Donor car but soon figured out that it was way too solid to part out.

Purchased from the previous owner in Westerville, OH November 2010


VW Vortex Forum Thread with full write up and Build/Restoration Thread


(I decided to put the newest photos first so people checking back had the latest ones at the top, Reverse Chronological)

Disassembly weekend and I picked the Upholstery Fabric 02-04-2012

Disassembly work continues 01-26-2012

Pulled the motor last night 01-23-2012

Photos of the third donor I picked up in Chicago & the snow covered row 01-21-2012

Photos of the "Rust Twins" (two donor Sciroccos) posted 01-20-2012

Photos of the Audi 3A 2.0 motor 01-08-2012

Photos from first night in the work shop 01-03-2012